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I recently wrote in “Trends & Issues in Instructional Design and Technology” about “trends and issues in instructional design and technology” and the fact that there are a lot more people being trained in a way that prepares them for the workplace than there were 10 years ago.

One of the biggest trends in the educational technology field is the rise of the “teacher assistant”. Basically a person with a degree in teaching but no teaching experience would go to a classroom and be trained by an instructional designer. However, an instructional designer with no teaching experience wouldn’t be allowed to teach.

We find out that all the instructional designers and instructional design majors in the world are really a bunch of students training for that same job at big companies. These students arent as interested in the actual teaching as they are in getting a degree and getting a job. They are interested in helping the company get more revenue and increasing productivity. The problem is that the companies arent going to go for this and pay these guys a lot of money for training.

Even though the college students arent as interested in the actual teaching, they are still looking for ways to do it more efficiently. They aren’t interested in the actual teaching because the job isnt that interesting, or because the actual teaching makes them look good. The students are interested in the actual teaching because they want to make sure that whatever they learn is transferable and useful.

It turns out that it isnt just a matter of getting the job done efficiently, but rather that the people hired to do it are actually good at what they do. People who hire people to teach them are doing it for a reason; they are looking to make sure that the people they hire are actually good at what they do. If the system is not designed for them, they will not be able to deliver an effective teaching experience.

People who can teach are the ones who have the ability to teach. People who can teach are the ones who will use it to teach others. They are the ones who have the time to pay people to learn. They are the ones who have people willing to pay them to teach because they are the ones who have the time and the ability to pay people to learn.

That’s not to say that we shouldn’t be teaching. We should be teaching the next generation. The most important thing we can do is keep our education system from becoming so disconnected from the real world that it doesn’t matter what is taught at the classroom level. Our society is increasingly moving away from the traditional model of teaching a class (which is largely based on the lecture), and we need to keep on top of this trend.

One of the biggest problems in the education system today is that there is no real connection between the classroom and the real world. Most of our classes are taught by way of lecture, and while they may not be the most effective method for the majority of students, they definitely are the most effective method for the minority of students who are less interested in learning.

I think it would be pretty amazing if we could learn how to properly design and implement a class using some sort of instructional design technology, like a project management system (like Scrum). You could have a class that follows a plan and then has the students do something to show they learned something. Then the class could automatically communicate with the outside world to let the rest of the class know what its doing.

This sounds like an awesome idea, but it does get a little tricky because there can be so many different types of instructional design and technology that it can be hard to know what is a good fit for a specific student. At my school we have an extensive list of instructional design and technology resources and we try to make sure that they are all aligned with our curriculum so that students can get the most out of each of it’s tools.

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