Steve Harvey: The King of Laughter! ===

If there is someone who can make you laugh until your stomach hurts, it is Steve Harvey. He is a man of many talents – comedian, actor, author, and TV host. With his infectious humor and larger-than-life personality, he has become a household name and a favorite among fans of comedy. In this article, we will take a closer look at the life and career of the “King of Laughter” – Steve Harvey.

A Brief Biography of Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey was born on January 17, 1957, in Welch, West Virginia. He grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, where he attended Glenville High School. After graduating, he worked various odd jobs, including as a boxer, an autoworker, and a carpet cleaner. In 1985, he took a leap of faith and decided to pursue his dream of becoming a stand-up comedian.

The Early Years of Steve Harvey

The early years of Steve Harvey’s career were tough. He performed in small comedy clubs and struggled to make ends meet. But he never gave up on his passion and kept honing his craft. His hard work paid off when he won the National Comedy Search in 1990, which gave him his big break.

Steve Harvey’s Rise to Fame

After winning the National Comedy Search, Steve Harvey’s career took off. He appeared on various TV shows, including “Showtime at the Apollo” and “Def Comedy Jam.” He also landed his first sitcom, “Me and the Boys,” which aired from 1994 to 1995. In 1996, he started hosting “It’s Showtime at the Apollo,” which made him a household name.

The Many Talents of Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey is not just a comedian – he is a man of many talents. He is an actor, author, and TV host. He has appeared in various movies, including “The Original Kings of Comedy” and “Think Like a Man.” He has also written several books, including “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man,” which became a bestseller. In addition, he hosts several TV shows, including “Family Feud” and “Little Big Shots.”

The Steve Harvey Show: A Laughter Riot

In 1996, Steve Harvey got his own sitcom, “The Steve Harvey Show.” The show ran for six seasons and was a hit among fans of comedy. It centered around a high school music teacher, Steve Hightower, who was also a comedian. The show was full of hilarious moments and showcased Steve Harvey’s comedic talent.

Steve Harvey’s Best Stand-Up Comedy Shows

Steve Harvey is known for his stand-up comedy shows, which are full of wit and humor. Some of his best shows include “Still Trippin’,” “Don’t Trip…He Ain’t Through with Me Yet,” and “One Man.” In these shows, he talks about everything from relationships to politics, and his unique perspective on life never fails to make audiences laugh.

The Heartwarming Story of Steve Harvey’s Family Feud

Steve Harvey has been hosting “Family Feud” since 2010, and the show has become a fan favorite. But what makes the show even more special is the heartwarming story behind it. When Harvey first started hosting the show, he made a mistake while announcing the winner, which led to a viral video. Instead of getting angry, he took the mistake in stride and turned it into a moment of laughter. Since then, the show has become known for its hilarious moments and family-friendly fun.

The Steve Harvey Morning Show: A Must-Listen

In addition to his TV shows and stand-up comedy, Steve Harvey also hosts a radio show, “The Steve Harvey Morning Show.” The show has a loyal following and is known for its humor, celebrity interviews, and inspiring stories. Whether you’re driving to work or getting ready in the morning, tuning in to the show is sure to put a smile on your face.

Steve Harvey’s Top 10 Funniest Moments

It’s hard to pick just a few of Steve Harvey’s funniest moments, but here are ten that are sure to make you laugh:

  1. His reaction to the wrong Miss Universe winner
  2. His “King of Comedy” routine
  3. His stand-up bit on marriage
  4. His “cuss out” moment on “Family Feud”
  5. His prank call on the “Steve Harvey Morning Show”
  6. His interview with a child prodigy on “Little Big Shots”
  7. His reaction to a contestant’s funny answer on “Family Feud”
  8. His rant on “The Steve Harvey Show”
  9. His comedy bit on the Olympics
  10. His hilarious take on church culture

The Wisdom of Steve Harvey: Life Lessons from the King of Laughter

Steve Harvey is not just funny – he is also wise. He has shared many life lessons over the years, including the importance of faith, hard work, and perseverance. He also emphasizes the need to stay positive and to believe in yourself. His words of wisdom inspire and motivate his fans, making him not just a comedian but also a mentor.

Steve Harvey’s Legacy: A Comedian for the Ages

Steve Harvey’s legacy is one of laughter and joy. He has brought so much happiness into the lives of his fans, and his impact on the world of comedy is undeniable. From his stand-up comedy shows to his TV shows and radio program, he has left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. We can only hope that he continues to make us laugh for many years to come.


Steve Harvey is truly the “King of Laughter.” His talent, humor, and wisdom have made him a beloved figure among fans of comedy. Whether you’re watching him on TV, listening to him on the radio, or reading his books, you can’t help but smile when you’re in the presence of Steve Harvey. So, here’s to the man who has brought so much laughter and joy into our lives – thank you, Steve Harvey.


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