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I was recently talking with a friend about the importance of art education for the future of the world. He told me that he was in the middle of studying for a BFA in art history. He wasn’t even thinking about art and he was really focused on something else. This was a good example of the power of art and life in general.

I can’t even begin to imagine how life is going to be different without art. Art has long been a great way for artists to express themselves, but for some reason, we’ve focused on it as a way to make us forget about ourselves. The only thing that art does for us is remind us that we’re alive. And if we can’t find that anymore, then we’re on an island that’s not going to be the most beautiful place on Earth.

Art is not only a way for artists to express themselves, but for society to look at art as a way to help us forget about ourselves. Art is the best way that humans have to forget about themselves, it is the best way we have to become selfless to ourselves. When we look at art we want to forget about ourselves, when we look at art we want to be reminded that were alive.

A great amount of art is created not because it is an art-form, but because it is a means of helping us forget. Because art is a way to help us forget, every art-form is important. But because art works so well because it helps us forget, a lot of art has been created for the purpose of being forgotten. Because of this, the art of art is not the art of art. Art is not important. Art is more important.

Every art-form has its purpose, and that purpose is not to be forgotten. Art is only created to help us forget something important. We are not able to forget; we can only think about something important. But the importance of art cannot be underestimated. Art is a way to help us remember something important, and in this way art is more important than art.

I think that a lot of people confuse art for “art”, which is a much more generic term. The essence of art is not in an individual piece of art, but in the way the art is put together. The same idea applies to music, literature, architecture, and many other art forms. We need art in order to remember something important, but what is important is not what art does, but the way it is put together.

Art is a great way to communicate. In the same way that we can use a map to help us locate a location, we can use art to help us remember something important. We can use a map to help us remember when our daughter went to the hospital, but the important thing is that the map helped us find the right place to go.

The same goes for something like music. If you have music memorized, you can look back at music and be reminded of something important. If you have something important to remember, then you should definitely know how to make a playlist.

The same goes for painting. If you know how to paint, then you should know how to paint with brushwork as well.

This means it is up to us to find the right place to go and to remember where we were when we went there. This is why we are here.

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