I was one of those kids that would be bored to death sitting in class with all that blank stare stare staring in my direction. I was very much in my shell and didn’t really have any interests outside of school. At the age of 9, however, the opportunity to be a student in the school I attended called for something different. I started reading and began doing some very creative things that would keep my mind active.

I would say that’s really a good thing, except that I’d never been on a date, and I am of the opinion that being a kid is something akin to marriage. I was very much into being a kid and wanted to be a kid. So I got with many other kids, and after a few months of this I would get bored and want to go home. Then I would come back. It’s not even like my mom and dad are trying to get rid of me.

Being a kid means you get a lot of free time as well as free love. You don’t have to work to get a free weekend. You can spend the day with your friends, go to the mall, go to the store, hang out on the couch, and do absolutely whatever you want. You don’t have to pay for it. In fact, if you don’t pay for it, it might be the least you can do for the other person.

louis the child is a classic example of this. A 15 year old kid who has a huge amount of free time. His mom’s free to go to the mall, to the store, to hang out with friends, and she’s free to do whatever she wants. He doesn’t have to pay for it. And at some point he decides that he wants to take all of that free time and do whatever he wants.

When the mom decides to go to the mall, he can still pay for it. So he goes to the mall and spends all his money and gets a pretty good deal. She also gets the free things he had, but he gets to go do whatever he wants. He doesnt have to pay for it. Thats free.

I thought louis was the type of kid who liked to make extra money doing fun things, like buying a new set of clothes for the “bikini season.” But louis isnt really a fun kid. He just wants to have fun and do whatever he wants. He doesnt have to pay for the malls, because he doesnt have to pay for his free things.

Thats kind of how I feel about louis. The problem is that louis is the same age as me, so I amnt him. And I dont like louis because he acts like a brat and doesnt have any sense of responsibility. He cant be in charge of anything in school because he is a brat. He doesnt even pay attention in class. And he is a big time loser.

To be fair, louis does spend a lot of time being a brat. But the key is that he isnt a good kid. In fact, he is the opposite of a good kid. He is not a good kid because he isnt the type of kid you want to have fun with. He is a good kid because he works hard and wants to do his chores. And he has a sense of responsibility. That is why he gets to go to college.

In college louis lives with his mom and dad who have been divorced for over 20 years. There are several reasons for that. One is that louis is so young, and he is still too little to understand the gravity of what is going on. Another is that louis is still a brat. But again, his mom and dad are good parents and he cant get away from them.

Now that louis is out of the house, he wants to move back to his home town of Austin, Texas. Not because he wants to live in a town that reminds him of home. But because he wants to be in a place where he can just work hard and make a good living.


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