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The 2014 Acura RDX Technology package includes a number of enhancements and upgrades to the Acura RDX, including a revised exterior paint job, revised interior panels and carpet, updated steering wheel, revised interior trim, improved steering column, and redesigned interior door handles and handles for the driver’s door.

This is the package that Acura says it is adding to give it a more aggressive look and increase safety. It makes sense. While the RDX has a reputation for being a very expensive car, it’s also very fuel efficient. With the redesigned exterior paint job, it is also more environmentally friendly. It is also more aggressive, which makes it safer for drivers. It is also a more aggressive car than the previous RDX, which was known for its aggressive behavior.

Acura has been known for being one of the most aggressive car makers in the industry, but it seems that Acura is trying to prove it is also less aggressive. The new RDX is more aggressive than the previous model, but less aggressive than the previous model. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be concerned about Acura’s aggressive behavior.

Acura’s latest RDX is more aggressive than the last year’s model, but less aggressive than the previous models we could expect in the future. Acura continues to be one of the most aggressive car makers, and even though it claims to have made every decision based on the best interests of the customer, there’s no doubt that it is still one of the biggest companies in the world. I think the RDX is actually more aggressive than a BMW M4.

Acura is just as guilty of this as every other company. It may not be as aggressive as the RDX, but it is still very aggressive.

The RDX is the first new Acura car to feature the new “accelerating” technology. This is where the engine’s compression ratio is increased to increase the engine’s power output. This technology is an attempt to make the RDX more fuel efficient.

The RDX is also one of the first new cars to feature a revised rear suspension. This new design will help the RDX ride more smoothly on the road.

It’s a very aggressive car, but it’s also very aggressive. The RDX gets aggressive without seeming to. It’s as aggressive as the RDX, but it’s still more aggressive than most cars. This is why Acura decided to make the RDX more aggressive. The RDX is more aggressive than many cars, but it’s still not as aggressive as the Acura RSX.

A lot of the RDX’s new design is to reduce the amount of harshness and feedback caused by the harsh ride. The rear suspension has been revised to be more aggressive and has been widened to handle the added weight more easily. The car is also made more aggressive and its chassis has been strengthened to handle the increased power.

I have to admit it was a little disappointing that Acura didn’t go the extra mile to make the new RSXs head lights even more aggressive. At least it’s a step up from the RSX now.The RSX’s headlights are also made a little lighter to handle the increased power. The new headlights are similar to the ones on the RSX, but they’re made lighter. They also seem to have come out better.

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